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Cancer Guardian™

Cancer Guardian™ is a leading advancement in personalizing cancer treatment.  Participation in the Cancer Guardian program provides access to comprehensive cancer genomic profiling, which identifies mutations found in a patient’s tumor or blood sample.  The information from the genomic profiling can be used to improve the accuracy of the initial diagnosis, and to help the treating physician choose the treatment options that have the greatest chance of success. Each diagnosis is personal to the patient, and their treatment plans should be equally personal. 

Cancer GuardianTM, Genomic Testing When You Need it Most.


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Whole Genome Sequence & Report (WGx)

The whole human genome consists of 3 billion nucleotides of DNA. Whole genome sequencing provides you with the most comprehensive and extensive view of your genome. Your personal report results include information regarding lifestyle traits (i.e. athleticism, behavioral & cognitive attributes) while at the same time identifying risk of inherited disease, and mutations that drive cancer progression. We will provide you with insights about your family history, hereditary genetic conditions and those that could be passed along to your children. In addition, our genetic counselors will help you understand your individual results.

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Whole Exome Sequence & Report (WEx)

Whole Exome Sequencing focuses on all the genes that express proteins in a genome, which is approximately 1.5% of the whole genome. Whole exome sequencing has provided significant breakthroughs in recent years in the field of human genetics and contains 85-90% of all known disease-causing variants.

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Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

Drug compatibility testing, also known as PGx, is the analysis of certain genes known to determine how individuals will react to certain drugs. PGx uses this new technology and allows your healthcare provider to replace “trial and error” prescribing with a more efficient, genetically informed plan personalized just for you. By sequencing your DNA sample we can test an individual’s comprehensive drug compatibility which helps to bridge the gap between diagnosis and effective treatment.

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Stem Cell & Cord Blood Banking

Stem cells gathered at birth and cryopreserved can become a source of cellular material for treatment of various conditions throughout the life of the newborn from whom they are collected. The use of stem cells is currently applied in the treatment of more than 70 serious and life-threatening diseases, and there are many future applications under active investigation.

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