The entire concept of genomic testing is invaluable when working through the decision process for your cancer treatment. My wife and I have both been faced with a cancer diagnosis and underwent genomic testing pre and post treatment. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was advised that I needed to undergo a prostatectomy, which was something I wanted to avoid if at all possible without impacting my chance of recovery. After receiving the genomic test results from my biopsy I was advised that my Gleason level and the genomic profile of my cancer made me a candidate for other treatment options. Genomic testing helped me avoid surgery.

During my wife’s genetic testing for her breast cancer we were also advised of a genetic marker she has that puts her at an increased risk for colon cancer. Because of this she now has preventative colonoscopy screenings done every two years versus that standard of 10 years to closely monitor her elevated risk. My wife and I are huge advocates of genomic testing for anyone that is diagnosed with cancer prior to making a treatment decision as it has made a huge impact on our lives.