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To improve health, wellness, and longevity by delivering clinical-grade genomic programs and services to people around the world through our trusted employee benefit brokers and life insurance companies.

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WGA offers a personalized approach to your health powered by genetic research and technology products and services.

WGA improves employee engagement and wellness with genomic programs and services with the potential to reduce healthcare and pharmacy spend.

WGA acts as an extension of your firm to create customized programs and full-service enrollment and communication offerings.

Cancer GuardianTM

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“Desiring to attract and retain talented professionals and staff, our firm was intrigued by WGA’s cutting edge and reasonably priced genomic products. Upon presenting WGA’s family-wide cancer genomic profiling employee benefit to our firm’s professionals and staff, the general appreciation for another benefit was expected, however, the emotional response was a bit surprising and quite powerful. The feedback from our folks is that “our firm cares” creating instant goodwill with our team. Seems that everybody is somehow touched by cancer, folks feel that lives will be saved with products and they appreciate the opportunity of getting a leg-up for their loved ones.”

Andrew J. Kelleher, Jr.

Kelleher & Buckley, LLC

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