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To improve health, wellness, and longevity by delivering clinical-grade genomic programs and services to people around the world through our trusted employee benefit brokers and life insurance companies.

Genomic products will drive healthcare around the world.

– National Human Genome Research Institute

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When it comes to genomic testing, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. As your partner in the genomic revolution, you can offer a variety of genomic products and services as an innovative benefit to your clients and prospects.

The thirst for knowledge is only magnified by information available online. But individuals don’t want to play a guessing game with their health. They’re looking for answers and they want facts. The top drivers for genomic testing are:

  • An individual’s curiosity and desire to learn about their genetic makeup
  • Family inherited cancer risk
  • Empowering an individual with information to truly personalize their health management

We are the first consultants to provide customized genomic programs and services to employers and their employees as part of a robust and competitive benefits package. Through flexible pricing options and customized offerings, these services are readily accessible through WGA to serve as a competitive edge for brokers who want to embrace the future of healthcare.

The Future of Healthcare

Genomic testing represents the next phase in state-of-the-art benefits among employers. Two people with the same disease may not respond to treatment in the same way, which makes genomic profiling a way to personalize prevention- and treatment-based on the individual.

As companies continue to explore health-conscious benefits for their employees, such as health risk assessments, biometric screenings, and promotional programs, genomic testing is at the forefront for employees who want to be well-informed and proactively engaged about their health.

According to a survey of 1,051 people who received their genomics test results, 42% made positive changes in their health behavior.

Partnering with Wamberg Genomic Advisors (WGA) provides the opportunity to offer employers unprecedented solutions which may lead to a reduction in overall healthcare spend and improved workplace productivity.

Advantages of partnering with WGA:

  • Working with an expert team comprised of professionals from the employee benefits, insurance and genomic industries
  • Extensive marketplace partnerships to provide offerings with the highest quality products and services
  • Competitive and flexible pricing programs
  • Customized enrollment and communication support
  • Dedicated Implementation Team and Client Manager
  • New source of ongoing revenue to your firm

With Wamberg Genomic Advisors, you can now differentiate yourself and your firm in the marketplace through offering these new and revolutionary products and services.

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